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(a) General 

Any person who is a member in good standing of the Alabama State Bar may become a member of the Association upon completing the required application and payment of applicable dues. All members shall be entitled to participate in the governance of the Association. Any member acting on behalf of the Association shall discharge his or her duties in a manner the member reasonable believes to be in the best interest of the Association.

(b) Honorary

Any person, including current and retired Judges of the 28th Judicial Circuit and the U.S. Courts for the Southern District of Alabama, may be designated by the Association as an Honorary Member. An honorary member shall not be required to pay any fees or dues whatsoever and shall be entitled to all the rights and privileges of membership, except Honorary Members shall·not have the right to vote in any bar business or hold office.

(c) Associate

Open to all attorneys licensed from any state, but not actively practicing in Baldwin County. This category does not include voting privileges in Bar elections, or any other Bar business.

(d) Special

An attorney NOT engaged in the active practice of law in Alabama may pay special membership dues to remain an active member of the Baldwin County Bar Association. All lawyers who are qualified to practice law in the State of Alabama and who are not engaged in active practice shall pay to the association an annual sum equal to fifty percent (50%) of the money collected by the Baldwin County Bar Association from a lawyer to become an active member of the Bar Association. Those exempt from licensing by the Alabama State Bar by virtue of a position held, (including attorneys general, U.S. attorneys, district attorneys) also qualify for a special membership of the Baldwin County Bar Association. Upon the payment of the sum as described above, such person shall be entitled to all the privileges and benefits common to the other members of the Baldwin County Bar Association.

Join The Baldwin County Bar Association (PDF Application)